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Justice reinvestment

What is justice reinvestment?

It's a smarter approach to justice that actually works. Where prisons only create more crime and misery, justice reinvestment is the pathway to safer, stronger communities.

Justice reinvestment is about redirecting funds away from prisons and into communities that have high rates of contact with the legal system. When we support communities to thrive, everyone benefits.

It’s a way of working that is led by the community, based on the facts and informed by data. Justice reinvestment approaches empower local people to drive the solutions that are best for their community. They address some of the disadvantages and gaps in communities that can lead to higher crime rates, building safer societies for everyone.


Justice reinvestment with the ALS

In 2023, the ALS launched our own justice investment program as part of our commitment to platform community voices and have Aboriginal people’s backs in the fight for justice.

Our justice reinvestment work is starting off in Bourke, Mt Druitt and Moree. Our team members work in partnership with each of these communities, supporting them to reduce contact with the legal system.

This builds on a decade of work with Just Reinvest NSW, an organisation which started under the auspices of the ALS and became independent in 2022. We are proud to partner with Just Reinvest and Maranguka in Bourke.

We gratefully acknowledge the Paul Ramsay Foundation’s funding for this vital work.


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