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Child protection

If a government agency is talking to you about your kids, it’s important to get legal advice right away.

Call us on 1800 765 767. This is a toll-free number.

We help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across NSW and the ACT.


What is child protection?

Child protection is when a government agency is talking to you or your family because they are concerned about the safety of children.

Government agencies include the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) in NSW. It’s also known as FACS and used to be called DOCS.

In ACT, the government agency for child protection is Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS).


Our goals

We want to see Aboriginal children growing up safe and strong in their own families, with strong connections to culture and community.

We work hard to keep kids safe, keep families together, and help parents get their lives together and their children back.


Who we help

The ALS helps Aboriginal children, parents and family members with child protection issues.

We help with child protection matters in the Children’s Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

We are 100% independent from government and child protection agencies.

Our legal assistance is subject to means, merit and conflict tests. The means and merit tests make sure that our help is going to those people who need it most and would have trouble affording a lawyer otherwise. The conflict test makes sure that we don’t have any conflicts of interest in taking your case, so that you can be confident we are acting in your best interests. Our assistance is also subject to the availability of ALS care and protection lawyers.


How we help

We can help you understand what child protection agencies and/or courts are saying and what it means for your children. 

Have a yarn with us if:

  • DCJ or CYPS are talking to you about your kids
  • You’re worried about the safety of your children
  • You’re worried your kids may be taken away
  • You’re pregnant and worried your baby may be removed at birth
  • Your children have been removed (even if it was a long time ago) and you want to see them more or bring them home
  • There are things going on at home which could impact your kids, such as family violence or relationship problems between you and your partner

Even if you’re not sure whether we can help, give us a call on 1800 765 767 and we can talk about it. 


Contact information

Call 1800 765 767 to speak with our care and protection team or email [email protected]. 

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