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Problems at work

If you’ve been mistreated at work, we’re here to offer culturally appropriate legal help. 

Call us on 1800 765 767. This is a toll-free number.

This service is available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW working in any industry or profession.


About this service

The ALS offers legal support for Aboriginal people experiencing workplace sexual harassment, discrimination, and other forms of mistreatment on the job.

Ours is the only specialist sexual harassment and discrimination legal service in NSW that’s for Aboriginal workers and run by an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation.

It was established in response to the national Respect@Work report into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, which found that more support is needed for victims/survivors. This led the Federal Government to allocate funding to the ALS to provide this service. But we’re not just for people experiencing sexual harassment – we’re also here for mob facing other kinds of workplace mistreatment too.


How we can help

If you're an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee in NSW, we can give you free and confidential legal advice about employment law issues including:

  • Being underpaid
  • Being fired
  • Your rights at work
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace

In addition to working directly with Aboriginal employees, we provide community education to build awareness of what workplace sexual harassment and discrimination looks like and where to get help.

We cannot provide advice on workers compensation, however we may be able to refer you onto someone who can help 


Sexual harassment and discrimination

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace and unfortunately is far too common. If you have experienced any unwelcome physical contact or you feel uncomfortable with another staff member because of sexual comments, unwanted requests or other sexual behaviour, we can help.

Discrimination at work can happen in many ways and it’s never OK. Maybe you’ve experienced racial discrimination or sex discrimination. Maybe you’ve been mistreated because of outdated attitudes towards your caring responsibilities, age, sexuality, or disability. Everyone has their own story and we promise to listen to yours.


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Call us on 1800 765 767 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email us at [email protected].

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