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Feedback and complaints

The Aboriginal Legal Service is committed to providing high quality, respectful services. We welcome honest feedback and complaints from our clients, community and other stakeholders.



General feedback can be provided through our contact form, by email, or by calling our Shared Services office on (02) 9213 4100.



We take complaints seriously and welcome the opportunity to improve our services. 

Formal complaints must be submitted in writing. This can be done by email. Alternatively, you may call us on (02) 9213 4100 to request a hard-copy complaint form. Before submitting a formal complaint, you may wish to review our complaints guideline.

All complaints are reviewed by our Complaints Officer and where appropriate, an investigator is appointed to find out more. If you provide your contact details, we will be in touch to confirm receipt of your complaint, to gather further details if necessary, and to advise you of the outcome. You may submit your complaint anonymously, but it will be received as general feedback and we will be unable to fully investigate the circumstances of your complaint.



The ALS will protect the identity of people making complaints where it is practical and appropriate to do so, however, the identity of the complainant may be revealed (or become apparent) where we need to provide information about the complaint to investigate and resolve it.


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