The Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited

The Aboriginal Legal Service is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO). This means our organisation was initiated by, and is governed and operated by Aboriginal community members; thereby acknowledging the right of Aboriginal peoples to self-determination. As an ACCO we deliver services that build strength and empowerment in Aboriginal communities and people.

The ALS constitution is the governing document for the ALS. The objects of the Company as stated in the constitution, are to provide high quality and culturally safe legal services for Aboriginal persons in need of relief within the State of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and the Jervis Bay Territory. This includes related activities, for example policy development and other programs. 


ALS is a Public Benevolent Institution with full deductible gift and tax exemption status. 

Company Members

The ALS company consists of 30 members from our three designated regions across NSW and the ACT; these are Northern, Western and Central South Eastern regions. 

The Constitution states that Company Members are elected for a period of three years. Nomination for Company membership is open to all eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in NSW and the ACT.


Board of Directors

The ALS Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the ALS.  Directors are elected by Company Members. There are four Directors from each of our regions, each with equal voting rights. This makes twelve Directors in total.  They bring broad experience from areas such as legal, financial and community leadership.

There are an additional two Honorary Directors who are appointed directly by the Board based on their significant contribution to Aboriginal legal justice and advocacy - they do not have voting power.  

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