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Stand with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this Invasion Day

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Fight for what's right

26 January is not a date to celebrate. Please stand with us this Invasion Day.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have resisted the injustice of colonisation for well over 200 years. The Aboriginal Legal Service is part of that proud history and we're still building a better future. We're a strong Aboriginal community-controlled organisation and the primary legal service for our people in NSW and the ACT.

Each year, we provide free legal help for over 20,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults and children. We fight to keep our people free from prison, to defend our kids' rights, to keep women and children safe from violence, and to stop Blak deaths in custody.

Our mob have been leading with courage and conviction for so many years. Aboriginal people even set up Australia's first free legal service! But we can't continue the fight alone. Our supporters know how to be a good ally – by backing Aboriginal people as we lead the way towards justice.

Let's not just change the date – let's change the country. Please donate today.

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