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Donate so Aboriginal kids can hold police accountable

$56,020.00 has already been donated.

Let's get to $50,000.00

*He was 11 years old kicking a ball around with his friends, when two police officers stopped him in the street. 

Standing over him, they told him that he fit the description of someone, and demanded he empty his school bag. He did as they ordered. Then infront of onlookers, the officers asked him to remove his clothes. 

This is the daily life for Aboriginal kids in our communities. We need to empower Aboriginal kids and their families with training so that they know their rights and can stand up for them. Can you chip in to hold police accountable by providing training to as many kids as possible? 

Police strip searches are harming our kids. Communities are asking for support. Can you help?

When Aboriginal kids understand their rights, they feel more confident asking for parents or legal help. Aboriginal communities need to understand their rights and options. Together we can make this happen.

All kids and families should understand their legal rights and feel comfortable asking for help. Please donate today.

Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited is run by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people. 
We have been fighting for our mob since we opened doors in Redfern almost 50 years ago.  

50k will create digital resources for our kids
75k will deploy police accountability training in communities
100k will deploy legal advocacy and media training in communities
200k will fund an Aboriginal community trainer

Donations are tax deductible.

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