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Black Lives Matter at Christmas too

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This Christmas, not everyone gets to be with family.

In our culture, family is everything. We love a big Christmas – kids splashing around with a garden hose on a scorching summer day, Elders enjoying a cuppa, a great feed on the table, and everyone welcome.

Yet for too many Aboriginal families, not everyone will be there this Christmas. Our people are more than 10 times as likely to be targeted by the so-called justice system and sent to prison compared to our non-Indigenous friends and neighbours. Shockingly, this includes kids as young as 10.

More of our people are behind bars today than during the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. And yet the recommendations from that inquiry - like so many others - continue to gather dust. It's not because we don't have the solutions. It's because our governments don't have the political will to say loud and clear: Black lives matter here.

But you can help.

This year, we have gained hope. It's been inspiring to see so many people across the world join our call for justice. Yet this movement can't be a passing phase – together we need to make sure that our lawmakers, police officers and courts know that #BlackLivesMatter to Australians all year round, not only when we are in the headlines.

This Christmas, please stand with us in our ongoing struggle for justice. Every dollar you donate empowers more Aboriginal people to have their rights heard.

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