Overcrowded prisons are not equipped to deal with a deadly pandemic. Correctional officers are not trained to be health-care workers. We call on Government and Corrective Services in all States and Territories to act before it is too late. This includes parole authorities showing mercy.

All people who serving a sentence for a non-violent offence or are un-sentenced must be released until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.  Internationally, Iran has released of 85,000 prisoners who are not a risk to the community and Ireland will release people with less than 12 months to serve. The United States and United Kingdom are following.

Each day there is an influx of workers and corrections and allied workers to prisons and youth detention centres. We need bail for our people on remand and to prevent any new people entering prisons.

To prevent countless more Aboriginal deaths in custody, where possible, we must immediately release detainees to serve their term or remand in home detention until COVID-19 passes.  This is the only way to protect people in prison and the community.


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