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Aboriginal children have the right to grow up safe and strong in their culture and community. Our kids deserve every chance to safely enjoy childhood in their own families, wrapped up in the love of their parents, aunties and uncles, siblings and grandparents.

Yet right now, the out-of-home care system is tearing Aboriginal children away from everything they know. In NSW, government authorities remove Aboriginal children from their homes at 10 times the rate of non-Indigenous kids.

Compared to other kids, our children are taken away younger, they stay in the damaging out-of-home care system for longer, and they are less likely to be returned to their families. Many of them are torn away from their culture and community – robbed of key parts of their identity. This is in violation of their human rights.

The out-of-home care system causes irrevocable damage to the very children it claims to protect. Removing children from their home increases their risk of being imprisoned in juvenile detention. And despite the incredible strength of these young people, they are far more likely to experience homelessness and teen pregnancy than their peers – and then their own kids are likely to be taken away.

This is the reality for thousands of Aboriginal children in NSW right this moment. The system is broken – and our kids are paying the price. Will you add your name and help us urge the Government to act?

The good news is this: the NSW Government already has a report that shows the failings of the system and maps out how to fix it.

Led by Cobble Cobble woman Professor Megan Davis, the Family Is Culture review made 126 recommendations to reform the system for our kids. By doing things like strengthening self-determination, investing in family support services, and increasing public accountability and oversight, the NSW Government can prevent harm to future generations of Aboriginal children.

But the Government’s response has focused on business as usual, without addressing the structural reforms needed to fix the system. The changes our kids need have been sidelined, overlooked or watered down for three long years. While politicians drag their feet, our children suffer. And we’re not going to take it anymore.

Please sign your name to tell the NSW Government to stop ignoring the solutions right in front of them. The time for change is NOW.

Together, we can support Aboriginal children to grow up safe and loved where they belong – with family and in culture.


Want to know more about Family Is Culture? Visit the review website here: https://www.familyisculture.nsw.gov.au/

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