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ALS is an Aboriginal community organisation giving information and referral, and legal advice and court representation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children across NSW and ACT. 

We work in Criminal law, Children's Care and Protection law and Family law, and we provide information and referral for Civil law. We also assist with Work and Development Orders and Custody Notification.

We have 23 offices and 187 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff across NSW and ACT determined to get justice for Aboriginal people and the community.










We say no to family violence


ALS pledges our support to stop violence against women on White Ribbon Day today. Freedom from violence and the threat of violence is the right of every person. read more

ALS alumni prepare senior lawyers for jury trials


ALS held a truly low cost conference on the weekend for ALS legal practitioners from across NSW. The Sailesh Rajan Trial Advocacy conference is designed for senior ALS lawyers to develop their expertise toward appearances in Jury Trials. read more

CEO leads new advisory council

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For too many, it's simply a revolving door. A young person who has been in juvenile detention is over 50% more likely to be inside again within two years. And some 70% of those young people are likely to end up in adult prison. read more

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