Family Law

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What we do

The ALS Family law practice provides specialist family law services in general family law matters involving children.

Where possible, we seek to encourage resolution of family law disputes by agreement between the parties.

If necessary, we will represent people on contested hearings subject to a means and merit test.


Who we help

We assist mums, dads, grandparents or other family members worried about what is going on for kids. When you come and see us, bring a family member, a community member or a friend for support.


When we help

It is best to get legal advice as early as possible. Early action can avoid more serious disputes. Please talk to us soon as possible. It means you will understand the system better and know where you stand.


How we help 

ALS Family law practice solicitors can assist in:

  • Talking about what your options are.
  • Assisting to find solutions as an alternative to going to court.
  • Providing referrals to other legal services that may be able to assist.
  • Helping with applications for Legal Aid.
  • Arranging for mediation through Legal Aid subject to Legal Aid guidelines.
  • Court representation in family law matters in courts in Parramatta, Sydney and Wollongong (subject to a means and merit test).


What we can’t do

  • We cannot arrange Legal Aid mediation unless you are entitled to Legal Aid.
  • We cannot represent you in court unless you are on a low income.
  • We cannot represent you in court unless the court matter is based in Parramatta, Sydney or Wollongong, NSW.
  • We cannot represent you if your case is not likely to be successful.
  • We cannot sign a certificate of independent legal advice.
  • We do not undertake property settlement cases.


ALS and Legal Aid

ALS does not have funding to cover court filing fees, service agents, barristers and expert fees. When running a court case we help you apply for Legal Aid to cover these costs. If Legal Aid will cover the costs, ALS will represent you in the matter. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid and fall outside their means test, but are still on a low income,  ALS may still be able to represent you, conditional on you paying for any court fees, service agents, barristers and expert fees.


Where we are

We are based in Parramatta, NSW.

We also have regular family law advice days in ALS offices in Redfern and Wollongong, NSW.

Please visit our office or phone 1800 733 233 for information about our advice days.


Need a lawyer? Phone 1800 733 233