Criminal Law

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What we do

ALS assists Aboriginal men, women, young people and children who have come into contact with police or the courts, youth detention or incarceration.

Criminal law usually involves a crime. A ‘crime’ is considered an offence against the State. A crime usually means there will be a punishment.

Criminal law matters in court are always initiated by the police. If a court case has not been started by police then it is not a criminal law matter. It might be a care and protection, civil or family law matter.


ALS Criminal lawyers

ALS has over 80 lawyers working from 23 offices across NSW and ACT.

ALS lawyers work with field officers to offer the best legal advice and court representation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children.


Continuing Legal Education

ALS lawyers undertake continuing legal education on an ongoing and annual basis, at regional and state-based conferences and via professional development opportunities.


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