Courts covered

Criminal law

ALS assists Aboriginal men, women, young people and children who have come into contact with Police or the courts, youth detention or incarceration.

Criminal Law usually involves a crime. A ‘crime’ is considered an offence against the State. A crime usually means there will be a punishment.

Criminal law matters in court are always initiated by the Police. If a court case has not been started by Police then it is not a criminal law matter. It might be a Care and Protection, Civil or Family law matter.

Care and protection law

The Care and Protection law practice represents parents and children in child protection matters.

Our Lawyers aim to achieve the best possible outcome for the child, parent and family.

ALS Lawyers want to help families get their children back.

We want those children that have been taken away to be housed in a safe and culturally appropriate place.

Family law

The ALS Family Law Practice provides specialist family law services in general family law matters involving children.

Where possible, we seek to encourage resolution of most family law disputes by agreement between the parties.

If necessary, we will represent people on contested hearings subject to a means and merit test.


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