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Maranguka Working Groups

Maranguka Working Groups

Maranguka uses quarterly working groups to bring community, government and service providers together to deliver the community-developed and community-led strategy - changing the way government, NGOs and community members service and support the community. A Cross Sector Executive meets quarterly to authorise and facilitate the work on the ground in Bourke.

Maranguka and the working groups have undertaken a range of activities designed to create change within the community and the justice system. Those activities have included: Aboriginal leaders inspiring a grassroots movement for change amongst local community members, facilitating collaboration and alignment across the service system, delivering new community based programs and service hubs, and partnering with justice agencies such as the police, to evolve their procedures, behaviour and operations towards a proactive and reinvestment model of justice.

The development and the implementation of Growing our Kids Up Safe, Smart and Strong Strategy underpins the framework of the community-led and place-based initiative.

There is an undeniable elevated sense of positivity in Bourke. People in Bourke feel empowered. There is a real sense of pride, and agency. Maranguka has brought community members including young people to the table and put them in the driver’s seat. Maranguka is supporting open and inclusive dialogue, which is the basis of community-led change. The Bourke community are owning the solutions, and with that, there is optimism that more things are possible. This renewed hope brings aspirations to maintain this hope, and to do better, and then better again. Bourke is on a path.
Alistair Ferguson, Founder and Executive Director Maranguka

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