Get help

Get a lawyer
We can help. ALS will be notified by Police or the Courts if you are in police custody and need a lawyer.

Going to court
ALS lawyers represent Aboriginal people in courts across NSW and ACT.

Separating, worried about kids
The ALS Family Law Practice provides specialist family law services in general family law matters involving children.

Get your children back
If FaCS (used to be DoCS) wants to talk to you about your children, phone ALS for free legal advice. We have a Care and Protection Law Practice. We have lawyers and Field Officers who can help you.

Visiting in gaol
Do you have family inside? Do you need to phone a prison? Not sure what the address is?

Can’t pay your fines
Work and Development Orders (WDO’s) allow people to clear their fines through unpaid work courses or treatment with an approved organisation or health practitioner. ALS assists Legal Aid NSW run the Work and Development Order service.

If you ever need help, do not hesitate to contact us