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Gemma Slack-Smith - Care and Family Law Practice

Gemma Slack-Smith

Principal Solicitor - Care and Family Law Practice 


Gemma Slack-Smith is the Principal Solicitor of the Child Protection and Family Law Unit of the Aboriginal Legal Service in NSW; a State-wide legal service providing advice and representation to parents and children who come into contact with the child protection and out of home care system. Gemma holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Social Work and qualifications in Frontline Management


Gemma has Specialised in the area of child abuse and neglect for 20 years and for the last 10 years in the context if Aboriginal children in the child protection legal system. She is an accredited independent children's lawyer and is responsible for the establishment of the child representation practice in the ALS (NSW/ACT). Gemma is a recipient of the Churchill Fellowship, affording her the opportunity to look exclusively at innovative strategies to reduce the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children entering the out-of-home-care system. Gemma is a member of a number of national and state-based committees, boards and advisory group s which focus on the promotion of human rights of children and young people. 

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