ACT Community Justice Program Unit

Our Community Justice Programs provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people based in the Australian Capital Territory.

What are community justice programs?

Community justice programs are designed to help our clients exit a correctional centre as they move into the community. These are Aboriginal community-led initiatives that strike at the heart of inequalities that lead to the high incarceration rates of Aboriginal women, men and children.


How can we help?

We work with clients in collaboration with a range of non-government organisations and government agencies to provide case management, behaviour intervention, psychological therapy, support to get temporary or permanent accommodation and other services.


More information

Our ACT programs are made possible with assistance by the ACT Government. 

For more information on our ACT Community Justice Programs please contact the ALS ACT office on (02) 6120 8800


ACT Programs


The Front-Up program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have outstanding warrant's or have breached bail. In these cases, ALS staff will negotiate on their behalf to attend Court to resolve outstanding matters without being held in custody.

Ngurrambai Bail Support

The Ngurrambai bail support program is designed to ensure a successfully completed bail conditions, creating a care plan that helps with support, treatment and monitoring and supervision during the period.  It may be undertaken on a voluntary basis or mandated as a condition of bail.

The program reduces re-offending while on bail and decreases court appearances. Importantly, the program provides magistrates and police with a viable alternative to remand or incarceration.

The ALS provides referrals and other support that an individual might need to complete their bail. A Program Support Officer also attends court on Saturday mornings for Bail Applications.

Driver Licensing

The Licensing Pilot Project is a culturally safe driver instructor, education and support program designed to increase licensing rates and improve road safety.  The Driver Licensing program takes people who have successfully completed their learner license. 

It is targeted  at young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learner drivers, jobseekers and as well a people in the criminal justice system from the ACT and greater region. The project reduces licensing inequality and improves road safety through tailored, professional driving lesions and community-based support.

The Driver Licensing Program is designed to help our people in the ACT to become safer and more competent drivers.

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