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produced by ALS staff (in alphabetical order)


Chalmers, Ruth, A plea for Youth Merit Solicitor, ALS Redfern, 2010


NEW!!  Cranney, Paul, Defending Allegations of Domestic Violence in the Local Court of NSW, ALS Dubbo, 2013


Franklin, Caleb, CNS – Custody Notification Service Principal Legal Officer, ALS Redfern, 2010


Lawrence, Stephen, The power of a court to stay a prosecution as an abuse of process: Judicial enforcement of fundamental values and principles Principal Legal Officer, ALS Dubbo, 2012


Lawrence, Stephen, Prosecution disclosure (and non-disclosure) in criminal matters Principal Legal Officer, ALS Dubbo, 2012


Lawrence, Stephen, Admissibility Issues Arising From the Detention of Suspects for Investigation under Part 9 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002  Principal Legal Officer, ALS Dubbo, 2012


Lawrence, Stephen, The admissibility of DNA evidence obtained pursuant to Part 3 of the Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Act 2000 (NSW) Principal Legal Officer, ALS Dubbo, 2012


Lawrence, Stephen, The gathering and adducing of admissions in NSW and the ACT  Principal Legal Officer, ALS Dubbo, 2012


Lawrence, Stephen, Negotiating with the police and prosecutors Trial Advocate, ALS Dubbo, 2011


Lawrence, Stephen, Aspects of professional responsibility – Legal ethics in the practise of criminal law Solicitor, ALS Wagga Wagga, 2010


McKenzie, John, Are Indigenous people more likely to receive greater penalties than non-Indigenous people in the criminal courts? What should be done about this?  Chief Legal Officer, ALS, 2013


McKenzie, John, Reducing recidivism and over-representation in prisons: Community education and intervention Chief Legal Officer, ALS, 2011


McKenzie, John, Where the justice system is not working and what to do about it Chief Legal Officer, ALS, 2008 


Moore, Gerry and McKenzie, John, Indigenous issues in the coronial system Chief Executive Officer and Chief Legal Officer, ALS, 2009


Mortimer, Shaun, Basic principles of assault law in NSW Managing Solicitor, ALS Dubbo, 2013


NEW!!  Pheeny, David, Do you reckon I’m gunna get bail?”: The Impact & Consequences of New South Wales Bail Laws on Aboriginal Juveniles, ALS Bourke, 2012


Quilter, Tom, Dealing with absent and unfavourable witnesses in the Local Court Solicitor, ALS Redfern, 2008


Rajan, Sailesh, Things I’m glad someone told me (or wish someone had) when I started Solicitor, ALS Redfern, 2010


Tumeth, Robert,  Is Circle Sentencing in the NSW criminal justice system a failure? Principal Legal Officer, ALS Armidale, 2011




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