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Can't pay your fines


Having trouble paying off your fines?

Work and Development Orders (WDO's) allow people to clear their fines through unpaid work, courses or treatment with an approved organisation or health practitioner, who become known as WDO sponsors.

ALS assists Legal Aid NSW run the Work and Development Order Service. 


Are you eligible for a WDO?

WDO's are available to anyone who is having trouble paying off their fines, if they: 

  • are experiencing acute economic hardship
  • are homeless
  • have a mental illness
  • have an intellectual disability
  • have a cognitive impairment
  • have a drug and alcohol addiction

Are you eligible for a WDO?


What do you need to do?

Phone ALS 1800 765 767

A person can only get a WDO if their application if supported by a WDO sponsor, or an approved registered health practitiioner.



How do you find an approved organisation who has become a WDO sponsor?

Phone an ALS WDO Field Officer or the WDO Hotline 1300 478 879 to find an WDO sponsor in your local area.

WDO sponsors can also be found on the SDRO website. Not all WDO sponsors are listed on this site.



How do organisations be approved to become a WDO sponsor?

Not-for-profit organisations, Government agencies and Health Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, GP's) can complete an application form to become an approved organisation/WDO sponsor, found on the SDRO website

Alternatively, call the WDO Hotline 1300 478 879. Or, phone an ALS WDO Field Officer to learn more about Work and Development Orders and how your organisation can become a WDO sponsor.




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