Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)

Becoming a Lawyer


Inspiring films about studying law, and becoming a lawyer.

Chasing the law

Want to study law? Want to know more about Aboriginal people who helped change the law over the years? This film is for young Aboriginal students thinking about studying law at University.

Produced by Legal Services Board Victoria


Indigenous lawyer from Bourke

Meet Kristy Kennedy, an Aboriginal lawyer from Bourke now working in a commercial law firm. She talks about how other young women can have the same opportunities she did, to go to University, to study, and to have freedom to be more involved in Indigenous issues.

Produced by Allens Arthur Robinson


A time to dream

You'll probably recognise someone here. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids from NSW and Queensland talk about why they made a decision to go to Boarding School and what careers they want to pursue.

Produced by Ray Martin Media and Australian Indigenous Education Foundation