Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)

ACT Community Justice Program

ALS manages four ACT Community Justice Programs to assist and support the Aboriginal community access law and justice services and other related programs in the ACT.


Front Up

The Front Up program provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have outstanding warrants or a breach of bail. ALS can assist with coordination of justice processes to ensure a person gets the best treatment and outcomes. The Front Up program has key relationships with the Australian Federal Police and the ACT Magistrates Court.


Interview Friends

The Interview Friends program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander men and women who have been arrested, and works in partnership with the Custody Notification Service (CNS), a 24/7 legal advice and RU OK phone line for Aboriginal people taken into police cell custody.

If a person is taken into police custody in the ACT, the police will call the ALS on the Custody Notification Service, and an ALS lawyer will answer the phone and provide legal advice and an RU OK welfare check.

The arrested person can talk to the lawyer. They can also tell the police they want an ALS Interview Friend to come to the police station and assist during a police interview.

The 'interview friend' will:

  • provide independent, confidential support to a person in custody when a solicitor or other authorised person is unavailable, 
  • ensure the interview is conducted properly and that the person in custody is not intimidated or harassed,
  • offer company and assistance with cultural issues, and
  • ensure the rights of young people are upheld.


Galambany Circle Sentencing Support

ALS provides support services to people attending the Galambany Circle Sentencing Court. We support people through Galambany Circle Sentencing Court from referral through to assessment and sentencing. We also assist through engagement with culturally appropriate services. 


Prisoner ThroughCare

ALS provides advice and support to people leaving prison, while developing appropriate and meaningful release plans.



For more information on ACT Community Justice Programs, phone ALS Canberra on 02 6249 8488.